How To Buy Million Dollar Companies With Little Investment

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Do you want to learn about the most powerful and lucrative game in the world?

A game which brings status, power and generational wealth if played right?

Do you want that feeling of excitement and thrilling fear of working on million dollar deals, knowing your life could change in an instant?

How about having a strategy to make a monumental impact on causes that are dear to you?

And would you like to learn corporate knowledge in a simplified manner which is easy to digest for absolutely anyone?

Whether you want to

- buy & own a 7-figure business for yourself;

- expand your current business and impact more lives;

- build a business empire capable of impacting the world;

- build a lifestyle business by being a dealmaking consultant and stack up cash for making deals happen; or

- find a lucrative niche that desperately needs your marketing skills to solve their problem...'ve come to the right place.

The Most Lucrative Strategy

You see, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) - the technical name for buying businesses - is a strategy used by the elites to create exponential wealth.

The best kept secret is that you don't need to be an elitist, or on wall street, or a millionaire to get involved in the greatest game on the planet.

Contrary to popular opinion, you do not need a million dollars to buy a million dollar company.

You could in fact have little money to invest and still become the owner of a million dollar company.

Sound too good to be true?

Well, let me ask you a question...

When you buy a house do you pay for the whole property up front by yourself?

Of course you don't.

You might pay a little deposit, and then you take out a mortgage to pay the rest of the purchase price.

The same principles apply in business - you can use the assets of the company itself to raise payment for the purchase.

There's only ONE key difference between a house and a business:

The value of the house is based on typical market rates of surrounding and similar properties...

...but a business..well every business is only as valuable as someone wants to pay for it.

That means you could acquire it below market value with the special strategy taught in this book.

What's the catch?

Just because you can buy a business using very little of your own money, doesn't mean you WILL buy a business using very little of your own money.

This is a strategy that has phenomenal results, but it takes a lot of hard work to execute. If it was easy everyone would do it. But it's not.

However, this guide will give you the necessary tools to start your journey the correct way.

How Long Would It Take You To Get To 7-Figures? long would it take you to start a business and get it to the 7-figure level?

1 year?

3 years?

5 years?

10 years?


With 96% of start-ups failing within 10 years, you wouldn't be faulted for thinking the latter.

Now imagine if you could skip all the headaches of starting a business:

❓ Will the product/service sell 🤷‍♂️

❓ Will I ever get my first customer 🤷‍♂️

❓ When will I be profitable 🤷‍♂️

❓ How will I find employees 🤷‍♂️

And instead have Existing customers

✅ Existing employees

✅ Existing products & services that are selling

✅ And most important of all, EXISTING cash-flow the day you START! 💲💲💲

All within the space of 12, 6 or even 3 months! is possible to attain a profitable 7-figure business with little capital in the space of a few months.

This guide will give you the blue-print on exactly what steps you can take to acquire a million dollar company, even if you don't have a lot (or even any) money.

The Massive Problem In The Market

This guide will reveal a MASSIVE PROBLEM in the market right now.

As an entrepreneur you know what a massive problems means...


With the boomer-generation retiring on a daily basis: 10,000 everyday in just the USA alone!

Guess what's happening?

7 figure businesses are coming up on the market for sale at an unprecedented level.

In fact, it is estimated that $10 TRILLION worth of assets will be sold or transferred in this decade alone.

You have an opportunity to capitalise on this fact.

Will you sit idly by whilst this happens...

Or will you take action and secure your hefty piece of the pie that's there for the taking?!

Grab this no-brainer guide right now to get started immediately.

Multiple Opportunities

Even if you're not interested in owning a million dollar company, this book will still be highly valuable if:

- You want to become a deal-making consultant and stack phat fees for simply making deals happen whilst LIVING THE LIFE YOU WANT

- You want to make a tonne of money from specialising on ONE aspect of the process

- You want to market for old-school clients that will pay a LOT OF MONEY for you to solve their problem

Who Am I

My name is Zulfaqar.

I'm a qualified lawyer and worked my way up the corporate ladder up to the point of founding my own law firm.

I never enjoyed being lawyer; I wasn't serving the people I wanted to serve nor making the type of impact I wanted to make.

I therefore started different business ventures, with varied success.

I now also am a business & acquisitions consultant.

What You'll Get

You'll learn how to:

📌 Find Businesses For Sale

📌 Master Meetings

📌 Review Financial Statements

📌 Make Offers & Negotiate

📌 Find Money For Your Deal

📌 Protect Yourself Against Buying a Bad Business

📌 Find Businesses For Sale

📌 Close The Deal & Run Your New Company

Whilst it is very possible to buy a business without using any of your own money, it is NOT easy.

It takes time, effort and can be a roller-coaster ride.

The guide is aimed at being an introductory/beginner level in the M&A field, focusing specifically on the strategy of Leveraged Buy-Outs.

However, there is plenty of detailed information, and actionable steps to prepare you to launch yourself into this arena.

Special Bonus Number 1

FREE GUIDE on how to be a dealmaking consultant and what to charge. Not everyone wants to buy a business and run it - but you can still make a lot of money and have a phenomenal lifestyle business by helping others buy businesses and taking a HUGE commission in the process.

Special Bonus Number 2

FREE GUIDE on self-esteem - Without self-esteem you will not accomplish much or anything at all in life. It is therefore the number one skill needed to be a successful deal-maker. However this is something that will impact EVERY area of your life. This guide goes into self-esteem and how you can increase yours.

Special Bonus Number 3

FREE upgrade of any subsequent revisions of the book. As this will be a first draft, there will always be room for improvements. You won't need to worry as you'll automatically receive the updated versions without any further charges.

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  • You'll learn how to...

  • Find Businesses
  • Attend Meetings
  • Review Financials
  • Make Offers & Negotiate
  • Raise Finance
  • Due Diligence
  • Close
  • You'll learn how to...
  • Find Businesses
  • Attend Meetings
  • Review Financials
  • Make Offers & Negotiate
  • Raise Finance
  • Due Diligence
  • Close
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How To Buy Million Dollar Companies With Little Investment

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