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Imagine being smart...

Imagine being talented...

Imagine having HUGE potential...

...but not having the self-esteem, confidence and communication skills to live up to what you know you're capable of.

You end up absolutely trapped in a job or career you despite with a passion.

How frustrating is that?

How upsetting is it?

How much does it hurt knowing you're crippled by this fear of speaking? Knowing the job/career is sucking the soul out of you?!

A lot! How do I know?

Because i'm just describing what I felt like for most of my life.

I got told I was smart, intelligent, had huge potential, and even could change the world.

I believed it and then fell into a state of misery, because I struggled to speak. I ended up loathing my career as a lawyer, which made me miserable as heck.

The fear of speaking was one of my biggest Minotaurs.

I dealt with it. As a result, I changed career multiple times. And I know for sure you can too.

That's why I now help shy people get over the fear of speaking & building:

- Self-Esteem

- Confidence

- Communication Skills

By starting a podcast &/or YouTube/TikTok channel, which is then strategically used to:

  • Change career
  • Build high value connections/relationships
  • Create business opportunities
  • Personal branding & authority.

More importantly...

...in a social media world that's full of angry, frustrating takes; there's a real need for rational, civilised people to step forward, find their voice and spread their message.

Podcasts are a powerful platform enabling you to do that.

So the purpose is to launch your podcast like a projectile, and weaponise your voice to deal with the numerous evils (Minotaurs) we face in society today!

What Others Have To Say:

"This 100% boosted my self esteem."

"The greatest fear I had to overcome was being recorded and hearing back my own voice, hearing the amount of ums, recognising when I wasn't in the moment."

"The Minotaur Podcast Project Programme did help me overcome this fear, because it forced me to get uncomfortable in a way that I was also creatively interested in"

See the full testimonial of what Michael Lucceshi, a high school teacher had to say about this programme:

"I would definitely recommend the Minotaur Podcast Projectile Programme"

What You'll Get:

  • Workbooks/Course
  • Podcast in 60 Days
  • Feedback & Accountability
  • 8 x Weekly 1-on-1 Coaching Calls
  • Strategy To Use Podcast For Your Business

Ultimate Self-Development

Are you shy, have social anxiety, or afraid to speak?

Have you spent years and years building a career or business which is now draining you because you’re just not satisfied or fulfilled?

Do you feel frustrated from constantly being told you’re smart, talented & have huge potential but feel like you’ve not lived up to it?

Is it important for you to build self-esteem, confidence & communication skills so you can speak up about the causes you are passionate about, to share a message & opinions only you know you can deliver to make an impact on people’s lives?

Do you want to generate multiple opportunities for yourself in order to change career, find a new job, start an online business or have other income-options?

If so, I can help.

Who Am I

My name is Zulfaqar.

I'm a qualified lawyer and worked my way up the corporate ladder up to the point of founding my own law firm.

I never enjoyed being lawyer; I wasn't serving the people I wanted to serve nor making the type of impact I wanted to make.

I therefore started different business ventures, with varied success. I am now a content creator and consultant/coach.

I made this transition because I spent most of my life building a career I just didn’t care about & made me miserable, but felt it was something “I had to do” to become a professional.

After trying a gazillion different business models, I decided to focus on making Videos & Podcasts to prioritise LIFESTYLE over career.

Ultimately, I wanted more time to spend with my family, on religion/spirituality, going to the gym & reading books.

My video content & podcast allowed me to build a relationship and become a business partner with someone who built multiple 9, 10 & 11 figure businesses in the US, without me having to move from my home in the UK.

I’ve also been offered job opportunities from people I’ve had on as guests on my podcast.

I obtained a lucrative contract with a company in Saudi Arabia as a direct result of the podcast and skills I acquired from it.

The biggest transformation though was going from shy, afraid to speak to building high self-esteem, confidence and communication skills.

I now want to help you do the same.

See what Nazmira Rao, a social media VA had to say about how she was helped with this programme:

Multiple Benefits of a Podcast

📌 Self-esteem is the relationship you have with yourself.
📌 Confidence is the relationship you have with others.
📌 Communication is the bridge between the two.

A podcast is a fantastic way to build all 3, which you can then use to:

✅ Change Career
✅ Create high value relationships/network
✅ Grow your business
✅ Find a better job
✅ Build an online presence
✅ Become an authority in your niche
✅ Generate multiple different income-opportunities
✅ And of course have a lot of fun

Podcasts are becoming popular by the day. Listeners have grown 120% in the past 4 years, with 90M people listening to a podcast every month (Edison Research).

With the Minotaur Podcast Projectile programme, I help you get set-up, launch your podcast in the best possible way, and use it as a powerful tool to achieve your specific goals whether they be self-improvement, lifestyle or business related.

The fear of speaking is a Minotaur in your mind which you must defeat, especially if you want to go on and fashion for yourself a life you want to live, rather than living each day on auto-pilot hoping for things to change.


Special Bonus Number 1

FOUR extra 1-on-1 coaching calls. Basically, it's an extra month of direct coaching, making it a total of 3 months. Launching a podcast is just the start. Continuing and then using it strategically is where the magic is. These extra calls are designed for this purpose.

Special Bonus Number 2

THREE extra months of email coaching. Once the 3 months of direct 1-on-1 calls expires, you will still have accountability and support for a further 3 months via direct weekly email coaching. Any problems, issues, queries, concerns will be dealt with via email. This ensures consistency, which is the most important thing for your journey.

(This is limited to the first 3 people. This is an intensive 1on1 programme, I simply will not have the time to give this amount of attention to everyone, especially with my Saudi contract responsibilities).

Special Bonus Number 3

FREE Minotaur Command Centre Database Template. Staying organised is crucial, therefore I have created a template to help you with this. Think of it as a central dashboard keeping everything in one place. For example, your notes as you go through the workbooks, as well as staying organised when booking guests.

Special Bonus Number 4

FREE Confidence on Camera Powerguide. This is an action-packed powerguide to help you develop confidence on camera.

Special Bonus Number 5

FREE Skills & Values list. One thing many people struggle with is identifying what skills and values they have. This list gives you a massive array to choose from, making it easier to see which skills/values you have and which ones you may want to improve upon.

Listen to what Cheryl Thompson has to say:

Why You Need This

You're sick and tired of always being sick and tired.

You know you have so much potential in you and you are capable of so much more.

You have so many ideas, so much creativity, so much imagination...but it's all stuck in your head.

The minute you try to let it out, it vanishes like magic.

You're fed up of wanting to make a point, to express yourself about something you have a unique understanding and perception of, but just can't get it out.

You've had enough of self-loathing, feeling sorry for yourself, drowning your sorrows in your own misery but instead want to bring out and maximise that flame of ambition which sill burns inside you.

You know there's more to life out there and you want to experience it, but feel trapped.

You want to build skills so you can make big changes to your life, whether it's a new job, a new side hustle, or have a lot of fun talking about topics which interest you, rather than conforming to society and talking about things to fit in, which bore the living day lights out of you.

You want to build the foundations which will allow you to propel every aspect of your life, whether it's:

  • Business
  • Career
  • Self-Exploration
  • Relationships
  • Personal/Family
  • Social

Whatever it is, the skills & experience you will develop from the podcast will have an exponential impact on EVERY area of your life.

So what are you going to do?

Continue to live in a cage, continue to hide from your Minotaur, continue to have fits of rage and anxiety...

...or help yourself to express yourself, build the skills you need, fulfil your potential and make an impact which you know ONLY YOU can make?!

This is what Fayzan Ashraf had to say about the programme and the impact it had on him:

What Happens Next

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Minotaur Podcast Projectile - Weaponise Your Voice

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